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"It has to be a hit," he said. "I had a clause put in the new contract. As soon as we've sold a hundred thousand copies of the next album in French, CBS is going to give us the means to produce a record in English."

He was so proud of his clause! He spoke to me about it for hours. And about the musicians and lyricists he was lining up to produce this hit album that would win us the record in English.


A few weeks later, we met again with Plamondon in his house in Montreal, which overlooked a very lovely park. It was snowing. Under the trees, there was a skating rink, where some young people were play­ing hockey. Luc had written two songs for us, "Lolita" and "Incognito." The lyrics were handwritten on scraps of paper that he handed to Rene.

Rene took his time. I could feel that Luc was nervous. He offered me some champagne and canapes, and rose to arrange some books, to turn a lamp off or on, to move a curio. Then Rene handed me the scraps of paper without saying a word. But I could tell from his eyes that he was really happy.

When I saw what Luc had written, I was bowled over. Like Eddy, Luc had explored my inner life. What he had written was so close to me that I couldn't help being really unsettled by it.

Luc sat down at the piano and, as well as he could, sketched out the melody that had been composed by Jean-Alain Roussel.

The first time I sang the words to "Lolita," I was in front of Rene, and I sang it to arouse him:

All those nights I spent alone wanting to touch you,

you've got to return them to me one by one,

all those nights all alone in the gloom,

dreaming you'd come to my room!

Will you make me wait for days, for months?

If you don't come, it will be another.

And you'll bear the blame for a lifetime of regret

for my first night of love.

As I was singing, I heard Rene tell Luc that the song was exactly what he was looking for. And inside myself I wondered: "What game is he playing? If he thinks that song's perfect for me, it's because he knows how much I love him, how much I need him."

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