Yes - to qualify for couples travel insurance, you both need to be 18 or over, be in a relationship and live at the same address. However, you don't have to be. Booking your travel insurance through Virgin Atlantic gives you the reassurance that we have you covered from the start to finish of your holiday. To qualify for couples travel insurance on our Single Trip and Backpacker policies you'll need to buy the insurance together and have the same trip dates. With.

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A. Generally speaking most travel insurance policies will count a couple as two people in a relationship that have been living at the same address for six. Couples travel insurance is designed to cover two adults who are travelling together. You can get Couples travel insurance if you're: Partners (married, de. Planning a single ski holiday, then go for a single trip ski policy. · If you have more than one holiday planned in a year, then look at the annual multi trip.

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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance. 3 levels of cover; Available up to age 79; Choice of 17, 32, 45, 90* days trip length; Discounts for couples and. We provide a full range of travel insurance policies for families, couples and individual holiday makers. Choose from 3 levels of travel insurance cover to suit. Couples Travel Insurance Whether you're travelling to an exotic beach to watch the sunset as it dips below the horizon, or backpacking together and seeing a.