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This document addresses the cleanroom classification of air cleanliness by chemical concentration to the suitability of equipment for use in cleanrooms and. ISO 8 (Class , Cleanroom). Vesta required complete environmental control with ISO 8 validation in order to completely contain one of their manufacturing. updated and revised in December ISO Cleanroom Guide. ISO Table 1 – ISO Classes of air cleanliness by particle concentration.

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ISO 9: A space that has been classified to meet ISO requirements (35,, particles per cubic meter) for airborne μm particulate in the in-. The lower the ISO Class Number (i.e. the lower the size & concentration of the particles), the 'cleaner' the space. table for clean room installation. To put. Clean room classifications are based on an eight class rating system, with an ISO class 1 cleanroom being rated the most particle-free and ISO class 8 allowing.

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For example, ISO 7 which is the most common class, the concentration of particles of ≥ µm and above should be below , The outdoor air in an urban. More recently, ISO classifies clean rooms according to airborne particulate cleanliness per cubic meter, ranging from class 1 to class 9. ISO Class 1 to 9 classification for Clean Rooms refers to the maximum permitted concentrations of suspended particles—those between to 5 microns in.