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Financial advisors require specialized education, to prepare them for situations when they will accurately manage client finances. They will first need to earn. To find advisors or financial planners with reputable credentials, look for someone who has their CFP (Certified Financial Planner) or PFS (Personal Financial. The advisor you choose must be qualified, educated, and experienced in the specific areas of investment management, personal finance and other matters in which.

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You've heard all the titles: Financial Advisor. Investment Advisor. Registered Investment Advisor. Certified Financial Planner. Certified Financial Analyst. I generally tell them that financial advisors do much more than offer investment advice—the best of them, in my experience, help their clients through many. Different Types of Traditional Advisors: There are different subsets of traditional financial advisors. A financial planner, for instance, is a type of.

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An investment advisor helps guide your investments in “Wall Street” related instruments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETF's). Financial Advisors. Your access to some content is restricted until you log in. Log in. Learn how to become a registered financial advisor. Objective, expert advice can help you prioritize and add clarity to chart out your best course of action. What's more, a financial advisor can work with you to.